Uncover the Secrets of a Stress-Free Life

at a Deluxe, Rejuvenating Retreat


Hosted by World Class Yale University educated Ph.D., Master Yogi, and Certified Stress Expert

Dr. Brian Ramos

April 9-12, 2020

Join a group of highperforming women & men for a 3-day transformative experience that will reshape your life. This life-changing weekend is led by Yale educated, Ph.D. and Neuroscientist, Dr. Brian Ramos, a Certified Stress Specialist and Yoga master.

You will:

  • Experience true relaxation in a luxurious, tropical environment that will uplift and re-energize your spirit
  • Learn neuroscience-backed techniques to retrain your brain to reduce stress and strike a balance in all areas of your life
  • Reawaken your spirit by intentionally connecting with your body and mind through expert-guided meditation, mindfulness, and concentrated yoga practice
  • Gain a new understanding of how to control life stressors and gain transcendence into a state of flow
  • Empower yourself to reach greater heights than you’ve ever imagined in your personal life and in business

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Brian Ramos, Ph.D.

Neuroscientist educated at Yale School of Medicine, Bestselling Author, Certified Stress Specialist, Health and Nutrition Expert, Yoga Master

Dr. Ramos utilizes decades of research and training to inform ground-breaking techniques designed to retrain your brain to channel your stress into fuel that empowers your life. Dr. Ramos is an advocate of reconnecting with nature to re-establish health and harmony, not just in ourselves but in our ecosystem. After obtaining a Ph.D., he immersed himself for years in the study of the effects of stress on the nervous and endocrine systems, and how this influences our health. He rediscovered Yoga and Ayurveda, which provided him with many of the adjunct therapies and techniques described in his book, The Art of Stress-Free Living. A true master who lives what he teaches, Dr. Ramos is a gifted instructor, spiritual guide, and healer who teaches from direct experience inducing powerful personal transformations.

Achieve Freedom from Stress in Just 3 Days

You’re Overwhelmed. Overburdened. Overstimulated. And, you have no idea how to overcome the tension you feel on a daily basis. Between a hectic, high-pressure career and a chaotic, demanding home-life, you’re ready to take action and experience massive change NOW.



Experience a solution that delivers the peace and tranquility you truly desire

Attending this retreat is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Through expertly-guided yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices based on proven neuroscience research, you will uncover the secrets to experiencing a state of flow whenever you wish. Nowhere else can you work so closely with an Ivy League trained neuroscientist and master yogi who knows the ins and outs of living free of stress and disease.

Roam the grounds of the most luxurious 5-star accommodations in gorgeous, tropical locations chosen to provide the peace you seek. Enjoy a nutritious plant-based and organic menu to detoxify your body, reduce inflammation and keep you grounded throughout the weekend.

Work one-on-one and in an intimate group setting with Dr. Brian Ramos. Learn stress-resistance techniques he has personally tested and replicated extensively. His approach is designed to bring you to a state of complete freedom, wellness, enhanced concentration and give you the power to unleash your true self right here, right now.



If you are open, ready, and willing to achieve a state free of emotional and physical stress, chronic disease, and live the life you deserve, this retreat was made for you.

Move towards your highest ideals and goals. Enhance your performance and relationships at home and at work.

Confidently take the first step on your path to a stress-free life.

“Dr. Ramos’ DNA Hacking ideas that blew my mind. I was not expecting the level of expertise and ideas from the diet, mindset, exercise, and healthy living to be so complete…”

Cheri K.

Davie FL

“As a professional athlete, I can relate to a life full of stress, pressure, and expectations… Dr. Ramos takes the time to explain what stress really is and provides strategies to help relax your mind and minimize stress in your life. I really enjoyed his natural solutions to deal with stress, focusing on nutrition, meditation, and body awareness. I have had the chance to work with nutritionists, trainers, and therapists throughout my career to take care of my body and physical health, but the mind is a whole different story. I have dealt with insomnia and extreme fatigue due to stress and pressure… Dr. Ramos offers strategies and an easy meditation program to help you become more aware and focused on yourself to better relax and recover… Dr. Ramos offers a bigger picture with many more strategies that can impact many people with different needs.”

Xavier Ouellet

Defenseman for Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League (NHL)

“Explaining what goes on in our brain and body when we are stressed is not an easy task. Dr. Ramos does an excellent job by also explaining what we can do about it in steps that we all can take.”

Bruce S. McEwen, Ph.D.

Alfred E. Mirsky Professor of Neuroendocrinology and Stress at The Rockefeller University and author of "The End of Stress As We Know It and The Hostage Brain"

“With all his heart [ Dr. Brian Ramos ] is committed to your health and happiness… It is impossible to miss Dr. Ramos’ commitment to his clients and his dedication to what he has studied, learned and applied as the path for his clients’ wellness, body, mind, heart, and soul… If you have any issues with stress ~ and who doesn’t! ~ check [ him ] out! His work is comprehensive and powerful, a definite must… for anyone suffering from symptoms linked to stress. Thank you, Dr. Ramos, for your brilliant addition to the ‘healthy and happy’ conversation!”

Reverend Katherine McClelland

Minister, Speaker, Spiritual-Life Coach & Author of "Breathless: The Relentless Pursuit of the Good Life"

“Dr. Brian Ramos has a wealth of knowledge about self-care, stress-free living and the inner workings of the mind. His enthusiasm for teaching really came through when we participated in a retreat together at a beautiful villa in Punta de Mita, Mexico. In our Functional Medicine Practice, we advocate a holistic approach to health and well-being. Dr. Ramos’ expertise and strategies were entirely complementary to our own. We loved the way he encouraged participants to identify, embrace and apply their own personal gifts in order to improve their daily lives.”

Trish Murray

DO. and Trish Chaput, Health Coach, Conway NH. Dr. Trish is the “Health Catalyst speaker”, Author of “Make a D.E.N.T. in Chronic Disease” and host of the Discover Health podcast.

Retreat Agenda

Day 1


Arrivals & Check-in (3 – 5 PM)
Asana Practice for Relaxation, Concentration, and Power (5-6:30 PM)
Welcome Dinner (7 – 9 PM)
Bhakti Yoga (9-10 PM) with local Kirtan Band

Day 2

Mastery Series: Early Morning Meditation to Fight Lethargy, Increase Sex Drive & Enhance Energy and Concentration (OPTIONAL, 4-6 AM) 
Morning Yoga Asana (6:30-8 AM)
Stress Reset Techniques: Control Your Autonomic Nervous System, Dominate Stress & Boost your Immune System (8-8:30)
Delicious, Healthy Breakfast w/ LECTURE on How. to eat to reduce stress and increase mindfulness (8:30-10 AM)
LECTURE: What Is DNA Hacking?: How you can Reprogram your DNA for complete health and vitality? (10:30-12)
Healthy Lunch and Free Time (12-2 PM)
LECTURE w/ Practicum: How to Control your Brainwaves and Turn Stress into Flow? (2-4 PM)
Yin Yoga Practice followed by a very powerful Yoga Nidra routine. (4-6 PM)
Dinner (7 PM)

Day 3

Mastery Series: Early Morning Meditation to Fight Lethargy, Increase Sex Drive & Enhance Energy and Concentration (OPTIONAL, 4-6 AM)
Morning Yoga Asana (6:30-8 AM)
Practice of Mindful Eating with Delicious, Healthy Breakfast (8:30-10 AM)
LECTURE w/ Practicum: Integrating Yoga And Mindfulness Into Your Workspace: Master Self-Care and Self-Regulation (10:30-12)
Healthy Lunch and Free Time (12-2 PM)
LECTURE: Ayurveda for Stress Eradication: Learn the Routine that helped Dr. Ramos become Master of Stress & Disease. (2-4 PM)
Restorative Yoga for Deep Healing: ALL PROPS PROVIDED (4:30-6 PM)
Evening Party (7-10 PM) w/ Live Music

Day 4


Morning Breath work with Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation for Stress Reset and Transformational Healing: 1,000+ Beneficial Biochemical Reactions (6-7 AM).
Morning Asana (7-8:30AM)
Delicious, Healthy Breakfast (8:30-10 AM)
Departures (10-11 AM)

Retreat Details

  • Ayurveda Basics to Live in Balance and Harmony with Nature for Greater Health, Energy and Well Being
  • How to Master the Art of Mindfulness Throughout the Workweek to Sustain Balance in your Life
  • Breaking the Cycle: Destroy Limiting Beliefs and Increase Your Potential to Live Stress and Disease Free
  • How to Practice Yoga Asana for Greater Energy, Concentration and Resistance to Stress
  • The Power of Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga Nidra to Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • How to Use Your Breath as a Powerful Tool for Healing, Relaxation, and Creativity
  • How to Turn Stress into Bliss: Go from Stress State to Flow State
  • How to Change your Brainwave Patterns to Turn Stress into Flow
  • DNA Hacking and How it can Change your Life


Early Bird Discount (Until March 9th) 

$997 per person

Full access to the 3-day retreat including all group and private sessions (yoga, meditation, mindfulness practice) with Dr. Ramos, detailed above in the Retreat Agenda

Three night accomodation in a shared room at the private villa where the retreat will be held

All Meals Included / Plant-Based, Organic + Non-GMO: (3) Breakfasts (2) Lunches, (3) Dinners, including a Special Farewell Dinner

Register NOW and get a FREE 1-hour coaching call with Dr. Ramos and a signed copy of his latest book, The Art of Stress-Free Living, mailed to your home in advance of the event.